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The Full Story.

Step into the comedic world of Quinn Dale, a trailblazer who's redefining laughter with his unparalleled wit and daring humor! Boasting over a million social media followers, Quinn's razor-sharp take on race and politics has catapulted him into the spotlight and earned him a coveted development deal with 20th Century Fox.


Originally from the heartland of Minnesota, Quinn's journey through Colorado and Arizona has shaped a comedy style that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. Now a resident of the entertainment capital, Los Angeles, Quinn is ready to deliver a comedy experience like no other.


With appearances on The Tonight Show, Showtime, Comedy Central, Lopez Tonight, and Carson Daly, Quinn's comedic prowess has been recognized on some of the biggest stages in the industry. His material transcends age and ethnicity, making each show a celebration of shared laughter.


However, what truly sets Quinn apart is his uncanny ability for improvisational crowd work. Be prepared for a night of spontaneous and uproarious interactions as Quinn engages with the audience in ways you never thought possible.


If you're looking for a comedy show that goes beyond the ordinary, Quinn is the ticket to an unforgettable evening. Join the ranks of dedicated fans who keep coming back for more of Quinn's comedic brilliance. Purchase your tickets now and get ready for a night of laughter, surprises, and an extraordinary comedy experience! #QuinnDaleComedy #LiveLaughs

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